We are a small Backpackers Hostel, with private, semi private and dorm rooms, that are clean, organized and tidy, great access to public transport, great nightspots nearby. Book online or contact us directly for more information. We are always happy to talk to you via Email! We will be happy to help with your questions or special requests. We have a two night minimum stay.
Private Room, 2 people Double - single bunk bed 2 people. $69 cash price
Private Room, 1 person Double bed 1 person $55 cash price
Private Room, 1 person Single bunk bed 1 person (no window) $45 cash price
Private Room, 4 people Four single beds (group) $30 each cash price
Semi Private Room, 3 people Three single beds $26.33 each cash price
Dorm, female 1 to 6 girls Six single beds (bunk bed) $24.50 each cash price
Dorm, mixed 1 to 6 people Six single beds (bunk bed) $24.50 cash price
Off Season Spacials Dorm, mixed $18.99 cash price
all taxes Included. please add 3% if paying with credit card.
Check-in is at 5:00 pm but you can Check-in anytime but we need to know your arrival time, in case special arrangements are needed. Check-out is 11am. In case of late check-out, you are welcome to leave your bags in our luggage room if you plan to leave the city at a later time.