Naples: For “Le Monde” That Of The Cockroaches Is A New Scourge

Naples: For “Le Monde” That Of The Cockroaches Is A New Scourge post thumbnail image

Confirmations and doubts about the cockroaches emergency and the risks for public health, crooked faces for the controversy born with the Aeolian Islands, started additional daytime reclamations in the streets more invaded by these insects, slipped in autumn a complete preventive pest control. And then: clarifications, some controversy, and also the request for intervention of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Everything happened, yesterday, at Palazzo San Giacomo, during the announced summit attended by the deputy mayor Tommaso Sodano, experts, officials of the collective prevention and hygiene and public health department of the Naples Local Health Authority, and representatives of the municipalities, to establish a plan of extraordinary intervention against the current super-proliferation of red cockroaches in the city.

But let us proceed with order. Immediately it was agreed on the new strategy to be adopted to stem the invasion of these cockroaches: the City Council has committed itself to start already today additional maintenance and cleaning of manholes and road drains. In the field also Asl technicians. They will start from Fuorigrotta.

“In addition to the ordinary night interventions already planned – Sodano explained – we asked the local health authority, and there will also be the contribution of the sewerage service of the municipality, to strengthen the interventions during the day. It will be the Municipalities to indicate the most haunted roads”.

Here is the list of the areas concerned: piazza Mercato, via Camillo Cucca, via Fiorentine a Chiaia, corso Vittorio Emanuele (from piazzetta Cariati to Parco Comola), via Diocleziano, viale Campi Flegrei, via Leopardi, via Giulio Cesare, San Paolo hospital area; via Ruoppolo, via Giotto, viale Raffaello; via Giovanni Antonio Campano, via Emilio Scaglione, via Giovanni Piro, rione Monte Rosa; rione Luzzatti, borgo Sant’Antonio, via Tribunali, rione Santa Rosa, taverna del Ferro and via Pazzigno. The Municipality, which is continuing the cleaning of the sewerage system, has also guaranteed the weekly opening (7 days a week) of the Coroglio site, where material from the cleaning of the drains is collected.

Therefore, manhole cover manhole cover hunt, even during the day, the mugginess and the absence of rain do not help.

“Cockroaches live in sewers immersed in sewage, the most serious problem in Naples is the lack of prevention against this type of danger to public health. If the right cleaning of manholes and drains had been done in February, we would not have reached this point,” insisted Maria Triassi, president of the Italian Society of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine and Public Health, Campania section, who attended the technical meeting at the City Hall.

And she added: “Cockroaches can become vectors of diseases such as typhoid, hepatitis A, salmonellosis and food poisoning, and the danger with the current heat also comes from flies, flies and mice”. Then, the clarification of the controversy with the administrators of the Aeolian Islands.

“The origin of these insects from those islands is part of the bigger picture of globalization – said Triassi – These cockroaches in those environments find their natural habitat and then arrive on the mainland with ferries and hydrofoils. The archipelago has historically had this type of problem with cockroaches”.

The replica of the deputy mayor Sodano: this alarm has already damaged our city, there is no epidemic, the cockroaches were also present in the past season. However, from next autumn a preventive intervention will be carried out that we could not do last year due to lack of resources and time. I am very sorry that the Aeolian Islands have been brought into this matter.

From Scampia, finally, a direct attack. “The citizens are exasperated, the territory is invaded by cockroaches and mice as big as cats that put the safety of residents and children at risk. Adequate pest control has never been carried out. These are serious omissions, resign the heads of Asl, Asia and Commune. I hope for an intervention of the Prosecutor’s Office to ascertain the responsibility of the case”, thundered the lawyer Angelo Pisani, president of the eighth Municipality (Scampia, Chiaiano, Piscinola and Miano.

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