Bedbug Disinfestation By Steam Generator

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Before you find out what bedbug pest control by steam generator is, here is some basic information about this insect.

Bedbugs (scientific name Cimex lectularius) are haematophogi insects, they feed on blood. The juvenile species have a light color and take on a darker color, brown/red, in a more adult phase.

Their average life span is 4-6 months, but they can survive without eating even for 12 months. A female can lay up to 5 eggs per day, 500 in a whole life. To hatch an egg takes about 9 days, and becomes adult after 30 days.

The bedbugs do not live in contact with the man, nor with his clothes, they approach only to feed on his blood. Due to the emission of an aggregation pheromone, the bedbugs tend to live in groups. They nest in the points closest to the place where the man is present: bed frame and headboard, blankets, pillows, sheets, wardrobes, bedside tables, skirting boards, etc.

These insects have a strong repulsion for light and cannot survive in the sun. For this reason they sting at night and are attracted by the heat of the human body and its carbon dioxide emissions. After feeding, the bugs return to the nest.

Characteristics Of Steam Generator Intervention

The bedbug pest control operation is divided into several phases:

  1. Inspection of the room where the presence of bedbugs has been observed, looking for all points where adults and young people can find shelter during the day: electrical outlets, cable ducts, back of furniture, paintings and prints, bed frame, cracks between floor and wall, etc.
  2. Treatment of areas infested by bugs of her with Diatomaceous Dust, a completely natural, non-food product, which, thanks to its physical properties, causes the dehydration of bugs due to the abrasions that they suffer coming into contact with the treated surfaces.
  3. Disinfestation of the affected areas by means of a Steam Generator able to eliminate bed bugs and eggs. The steam generated in the boiler is superheated up to 180°C and eliminates 100% of bed bugs in a few seconds due to thermal shock. During the dispensing phase the steam is mixed with a detergent that eliminates the typical smell of bedbugs and helps to dissolve the sticky substance that binds the eggs to the surfaces. The steam generator can be used on all surfaces and fabrics and can be directed even in the most difficult corners and directly into nesting areas.
  4. Installation of adhesive traps with attractors, to monitor the possible residual presence of bedbugs.

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